Obsession of a Bead Necklace

An enlarged bead necklace made for Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Design Year 2's annual catwalk show.

The excessive use of plastic containers and packaging in UK supermarkets and the accumulation of waste in our landfill due to the fail to recycle these materials are the main inspiration of this project. Using recylced plastic bottles, the piece explores the struggling relationship between human body and a foreign object (in this case the jewellery piece). The necklace is put around the whole body and attached to the wearer's wrists, and this makes the wearer difficult to perform her daily activities, such as something as simple as walking. This reflects the worry that one day we will be restricted by the overwhelmed plastic waste.



Plastic bottle | 2014


Photograph: Gordon Kam [left], Nat Urazmetova [right]

Model: Ruby Parker