Tin project

Tony Hayward‘s talk on tin recycling has motivated me to experiment with waste material. Then, I found the structure of connecting pieces of tin components, which are scrap-metal pieces generated from the hold puncher.


Inspired by the cut-out shape on the Inuit snow goggles and face masks, I have created a hand-jewellery that goes around joints on a hand. Also, the flexible mechanism of the structure, which reminds me of water and clouds in the nature, allows me to create designs that lay on the most complex part of the body.


The final design is an attempt to reproduce a miniature of the magnificent scene of nature on the body. In addition, this jewellery piece is representing a union of nature and waste material, which questions the value and possibility of waste material.


In this tin project, I realised the amazing potential of a waste material turning into something totally opposite by using our creativity. This brings up the idea of importance on recycling and waste reduction. The piece also made me rethink the responsibility and role of a jewellery designer in the society. The armoury piece is a notion of recycling is protecting our future generations. 



Tin | 2013